Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

You’ve decided to throw a dinner party and realize that it’s also a great excuse to replace your outdated dining room set with a new one. The dining room is where you spend a considerable amount of time gathering and entertaining family and friends so making the right choice is especially important. Before you start shopping, however, take into consideration the following criteria to ensure you find a dining room set you’ll be happy with for a long time.

Measure Size and Space.
First, consider the size and shape of the room and how traffic naturally flows through it. You don’t want a dining room set that takes up so much space it impedes the flow of the room, but you need one large enough to accommodate family members and entertaining guests.

Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize the size of furniture in a particular space. Dining room tables can be deceptively large so try taping off the size you want with masking tape on the floor and include several feet around all sides to ensure that you can move around the room comfortably while guests are seated. It will provide a much better sense of how the size of the dining room set works within the space and how movement flows throughout the room.

If space is an issue, consider expandable dining room sets that give you the option of leaves to extend the size of the table as needed for entertaining. Regardless of the size, it’s important to determine your needs for the dining room set.   

Pick a Shape.
The shape of the dining table can influence the overall feel of the space, whether it’s formal or casual. As a general rule of thumb in design, round tables work better in square-shaped spaces and rectangular tables are best suited for similar shaped rooms. An oval table will fill a rectangular-shaped space better than a square one.

Round tables tend to convey a sense of intimacy and are conducive to conversation since there is no head of the table, while rectangular tables instill more formality in a room. It all boils down to identifying your needs and selecting a dining room set that serves its purpose and reflects your lifestyle.

Material Matters.
Choosing the right material for your dining room set can be difficult as there are several factors to consider, including budget, personal taste and ease of care. Solid wood dining sets are timeless, durable and sturdy, and relatively easy to clean. Glass-top tables can make a room feel more spacious and are easy to clean. Laminate wood tables are highly durable, easy to clean and have the look of solid wood, often at a fraction of the price. Prioritize what’s most important in terms of cost, taste and care.

Match Your Style.
Finally, your new dining room set should reflect your personal style and the design of your home. Think about how it works with your other furniture, décor style and color scheme of the room. If the dining room is its own separate space, you might want to consider a more formal dining room set. If, however, the dining area is simply part of an open great room and kitchen space, then a casual-style dining room set might work better. Don’t be afraid to mix and match one style of table with another style of dining room chairs to create a custom look if you don’t find the perfect set. At the end of the day, you want a dining room set that meets your needs and that you’ll continue to love years from now.

Replacing Your Barstools? Fun Ideas for the Old Ones

It’s past time to get new bar stools for your home. You find the perfect stools that fit into the decor theme of your dining room or kitchen at California Stools, Bars and Dinette Sets. Yet what do you do with the old bar stools? If you can’t gift them to a friend and your college-bound child doesn’t want the bar stools to clutter up his small dorm room, you can repurpose the bar stools into other items that you can use in the inside and outside of your home. Here are several ideas you may want to try to recycle the old bar stools and give them other functions.


Take the night stand idea and make the table longer while adding another barstool as you can instantly make yourself a work desk or sofa table. Use the tables as a new study area for the kids, an extra table in the craft room, or just a decorative table in the corner of the room to hold books and vases. You could also use several of the stools as the base and add a long slab of hard wood to make a dining room table.


It’s amazing how far a little ingenuity can take you. If you remove the bar seat and attach a metal bucket on top, you can create an instant drink cooler for your entertaining space. Fill it with ice and set wine coolers (or non-alcoholic drinks) inside as everyone can have a drink without impatiently waiting beside the wet bar. This is a great option for holiday parties, you can scatter a few of these mobile coolers throughout your home, even stocking a few with kid friendly drinks for the younger guests.


Just a dash of paint and you can transform the bar stools into instant nightstands and end tables. If you desire a wider table piece on top, you can attach another piece of wood, either square or round, to the top of the bar stool seat. Keep in mind that the larger the table surface, the top-heavier the nightstand or table will become even with wide legs as bumping a large table surface could make the stool topple over. Pub tables have become very popular and so you could make a mini pub table for the youngsters, with the old stools.


If you don’t like to drink or host parties, you can use the drink cooler idea and instead place dirt inside the bucket to make a standing planter for hanging plants. Place the planter along the corners of your deck or inside your home by the window where the plants can get plenty of sunshine. You can also place herbs into the bucket to use in your cooking.

Creative Ideas for Dining or Kitchen Updates

As we dive into winter and entertaining festivities are in full swing, you might want to consider a few dining room or kitchen updates that will brighten the room and make it feel like a new space. Even if you can’t afford to redecorate your dining room, some small changes might not be a huge financial burden and can really help to update your space and make it feel like a completely different room in your home.


If you’re not in love with your current kitchen or dining room table chairs, try adding cushions to them. Cushions are a great way to change the look and feel in your kitchen, dining room, or breakfast bar. Bright colored cushions add a pop of color, and you can even pick a new pattern or texture that brings life to otherwise bland chairs.

If you can, find new dining room chairs to match your dining room table. There aren’t a lot of things that are taboo in the design world nowadays. Pairing modern chairs with an industrial wooden dining room table works in some kitchens. If you can afford to, buying new dining room chairs are a great way to update your dining room, without financing a new dining room table.


It may seem silly, but adding something new, even if it’s small can change the way your dining room appears. Try adding some new accents on an end table or even to a dining room table centerpiece.

Finding a new table runner, candlesticks or even holiday decorations is a great way to spruce up your dining room, without a huge bill. If you always have your dining room table set , it can be a great time to find a new table cloth or placemats, in a new vibrant shade. This is the easiest way to add a pop of color to the room. You could also add a pub table in a corner of the dining room, this can add a more casual feel and offers guests additional seating during holiday parties. 


If you do want to invest in a new dining room table, it could be the perfect time to start browsing. The holidays are over so there’s no immediate need for a formal dining room for the next few months. Look at tables, chairs and even sets. Dining room sets can be a great way to get deals on chairs and a table, while also keeping the design similar.


Have you ever thought about adding a rug in your dining room or even in your kitchen area? It can be a great way to add some warmth and coziness to a room or add a new dimension to existing furniture. Perhaps you could add a rug underneath the dining room table and chairs to make the room feel larger…or add a runner rug to a hallway for some added texture and color.

Consider the type of rug you get for your dining room, as you will be eating over it. Dinner parties have the potential to create a mess, especially with children around, the potential for spilled dishes and drinks is likely with large groups. Make sure that the fabric of the rug you choose for this space, lends itself well to vacuuming or cleaning. The fabric also shouldn’t be thick and dense for the purpose of pushing chairs in and out. There are a lot of options for rugs and knowing what look you are going for will help you decide the style and texture of the rug that will be right for your space.

There are many ways to update your home whether you are on a budget or not. Small changes can make big differences when it comes to presentation and feel of a room. Start small and focus on one room at a time, try different things and don’t be afraid to add some color. At California Stools Bars Dinettes, we have a great selection of dining furniture for your next home update! Check us out and discover your perfect dining set today!